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If you are interested in any one of these beautiful animals, please contact Loretta.

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79. Peruvian Jose' ABSR

Sold - Asking Price $500

Peruvian Jose ABSR

95. Chilean Gold Dust ABSR

Asking Price $200

Chilean Gold Dust ABSR

79.  Peruvian Jose' ABSR

DOB: 9.15.03 ILR# 286105


ILR # 252821  DOB: 9.15.03

Sire: Peruvian Comet # 221992 Dam: Peruvian Melita # 234629

Jose is 100% Peruvian.

He is blood typed and has great blood lines.

Jose' is the sire to Lot # 41 in this sale

Jose' is a lover and we hate to see him go, but the time has come to let go and just set around and be lazy.

I hope you enjoy him as much as we have.

Jose’ is the Sire to Lot # 57 Deasa and Lot # 76 Juan Jose’.

Peruvian Jose ILR Certificate

95. Chilean Gold Dust ABSR


DOB: 12.4.04 ILR # 259211

Sire: Chilean Gold Nugget # 242237 Dam: Chilean Marbled Fudge Cake

Gold Dust is full Chilean. He has many famous males and females in his background.

We sold his sire a few years back and his dam sold in last years sale to Bonnie Scott.

We hope someone can use him he needs a new home.

ILR Certificate for Chilean Gold Dust ABSR


97. Chilean Senor Mundo ABSR

Asking Price $200

Chelean Senor Mundo ABSR

67. Peruvian Kazam ABSR

Asking Price $200

Peruvian Kazam ABSR


 DOB: 9.24.08 ILR # 276330


Sire: Chilean Fernando ILR # 148402 Dam: Sapphira II #400 ILR # 92858

Senor Mundo was one of the males that was gelded.

We have more that are gelded that would make good guard llamas. They are big and strong and used to running the hills, but we can still halter and work on them.

If you need a guard llama we have some!

Chilean Senor Mundo ABSR  ILR Certificate

67. Peruvian Kazam ABSR


DOB: 9.11.03   ILR # 252818

SIRE: Peruvian Comet ILR # 221992 DAM: Alacazam ILR# 212632

Kazam is 43 1/2” at the withers and would make a good guard llama if you geld him.

ILR Certificate Peruvian Kazam ABSR


8. ARG. Gringo's Casino ABSR

Asking Price $750

ARG. Gringo's Casino ABSR


Asking Price $200

Chilean Fernando

8. ARG. Gringo's Casino ABSR

DOB: 9.13.14 ILR 288097


Sire: Argentine Gringo (ET) #249849


Dam: Luck Be A Lady  #203623

ARG. Gringo's Casino ILR Certificate


DOB: 7.17.98

ILR # 148402 DNA # LL9375


Sire: Chilean Napoleon ILR # 147966 Dam: Chusmisa ILR # 172772

Fernando is 100% Chilean.

We purchased him from Gene Frame and changed his name from Chilean Voodoo to Fernando.

His Sire Napoleon was one of Tillman's favorite studs and his dam Chusmisa was their favorite female way back when.

Chusmisa goes back to the De Temuco lines. Fernando is the sire of our LOT #’s 53 Lucie, 36 Joy Nanda, 52 Saundra and 59 Coffee Cake in this year's sale.

ILR Certificate Chilean Fernando



Asking Price

Space Walker ABSR

7. Arg. Gringo's Elgusto ABSR

Asking Price $750

Arg. Gringo's Elgusto ABSR

XX. Space Walker ABSR


ILR Certificate

7. Arg. Gringo's Elgusto ABSR

DOB: 09-08-13


SIRE: Argintine Gringo (ET)  ILR# 249849
DAM: Ledelicia ABSR ABSR ILR # 263151

ILR Certificate ElGusto


20. ARG Pascual's Elonzo ABSR

Sold - Asking Price $500


22. Arg. Kornerstone's Stoney ABSR

Asking Price $500

Arg. Kornerstone's Stoney ABSR  

20.  ARG Pascual's Elonzo ABSR


DOB: 9/10/13 ILR # 286108


Elonzo is 1/2 Argentine and 1/2 Chilean. Pascual sold at the LFA sale last June. His dam is lot # 46 in this years sale.

ARG Pascual's Elonzo ABSR ILR Certificate

22. Arg. Kornerstone's Stoney ABSR

DOB: 6/30/13 ILR# 286005


Sire: Argentine Kobra’s Kornerstone’s Stoney ABSR ILR #265457
Dam: Peruvian Suraya ABSR ILR # 261712

Stoney is 1/2 Argentine and 1/2 Peruvian.
He is a very nice male with a interesting wooly face.

His dam is LOT #51 Peruvian Suraya on page 1.

Arg. Kornerstone's Stoney ABSR ILR Certificate


23. Kornerstone's Alicio

Asking Price $500

Kornerstone's Alicio

9. ARG Pascual's Carson

Entered into the Cascade Auction Sale April 23, 2016

ARG Pascual's Carson  

23.  Kornerstone's Alicio

ILR # 281521

DOB: 2.9.2011 - MALE

Sire: Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone ILR # 265457
Dam: Alacazam ABSR ILR # 212632

Alicio is 1/2 Argentine, 1/4 Peruvian and 1/4 it.

He is a full brother to LOT # 22

Kornerstone's Alicio ILR Certificate

9. ARG. Pascual's Carson

DOB: 3/29/14  ILR# 288050


Very nice and friendly, heavy-boned, 1/2 Argentine male with soft dark gray fiber.

This is the last of my Pascual crias.

Sire:  Argentine Pascual (ET)#283293


Dam: Chilean Caritina ABSR #274938

 ARG. Pascual's Carson ILR Certificate


26. Kornerstone's Columbus ABSR

sold - Asking Price $750


27. Argento's Joel ABSR

Asking Price $500

Argento's Joel  

26. Kornerstone's Columbus ABSR

New Picture Coming Soon

DOB: 10.8.13 ILR # 284764


Sire: Argentine Kobra’s Kornerstone Dam: Chilean Lucie

Columbus is 1/2 Argentine and 1/2 Chilean.

He is a nice part-appy male with a great set of ears. We think he would be a great stud for someone.

Check out his pedigree.

His dam is Lot # 53 page # 1 in this auction.

ILR Certificate for Kornerstone's Columbus ABSR

27.  Argento's Joel ABSR

Price includes transportation to Salen Oregon or Iowa.

DOB: 9.20.12 ILR # 284763


Sire: Chileno Argento Dam: Joy Nanda ABSR

Joel has a very long line of famous Chilean ancestors -- to name a few Kesling’s Sweepstakes, Chilean Napoleon, Chilean Blue Diamonds and Chilean Has It All.

His dam will sell as LOT # 36 and his 1/2 sister is LOT # 3 page 2 in this auction.

Don’t pass this one up, he is great.

Argento's Joel ABSR ILR Certificate


12. Stone Crest Uno

Asking Price $1500

Stone Crest Uno

72. Bengora



12. Stone Crest Uno



ILR # 287520  DOB: 6-10-2014


Sire: Argentine Spotted Obsession


Dam: Cuidado's LaRaya ABRA


UNO is 3/4 Argentine (see certificate)

ILR Certificate for Stone Crest Uno

72.  Bengora

New male GELDED

#230942 DOB: 8.28.2000

Short fiber male.

ILR Certificate


76. Juan Jose' ABSR

Asking Price $200

Juan Jose ABSR


Asking Price


76. Juan Jose' ABSR


DOB: 11.12.08 ILR # 276001

Sire Peruvian Jose’ ABSR Dam: Allyoop ABSR

Juan Jose’ is 3/4 Peruvian.He comes from a long line of well known llamas on both the sire and dam side.

His sire is is LOT # 79 and his dam is LOT # 45.

Juan Jose ABSR ILR Certificate

XX. Coming Soon








More info coming soon!

ILR Certificate Coming Soon


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